Don Schlesinger Biography – Don Schlesinger’s Life

Don Schlesinger has a vocation as a baccarat player.

spanning more than thirty years. Probably, he is best known for his book.

Blackjack Attack: How the Professionals Play. He was admitted to

He was inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2014 for his contributions.

Analyze the contest.

This page provides an overview of his baccarat career.

expert and published author.

Don Schlesinger Life History

Schlesinger was born in New York, where he attended City College.

College of New York with a bachelor’s in mathematics. He

Master’s degrees in French were later obtained from City University

New York-based.

He began playing baccarat in Las Vegas in 1975, and he was successful.

In 1976, he learnt card counting after reading Playing Blackjack.

as an Entrepreneur, by Lawrence Revere.

He taught mathematics and French in New York City until 1984.

However, he later became the executive director of a Wall Street firm.

Street investment banking institution.

Could the same set of abilities that makes a person an

A successful advantage gambler contributes to the achievement of

executives in the community of investment banking?

We are confident that it can.

He left investment banking in 1998 and is now retired

He devotes his career to the study of competitive advantage.

the blackjack game. The game had always been his pastime.

Currently, it is arguably more of a hobby.

Contributions Made to Blackjack

Schlesinger is renowned for research and publication

the following blackjack topics are covered:

Back calculation

The use of camouflage

Comparing card counting techniques

Floating benefit

optimum wagering

Risk assessment

Team sport

He compiled the “illustrious 18,” a condensed list of

Card counting indexes. Moreover, he developed the Desirability Index.

as well as the Standard Comparison of Risk and Expectation (DI and SR)

SCORE, correspondingly). These are ways to compare titles in

various circumstances.

Blackjack Attack: How the Professionals Play

Don Schlesinger’s most well-known work is Blackjack.

Attack: Playing Like a Pro is in its third edition.

New paperback copies cost $30, and the book is not inexpensive.

Good luck locating a used copy for under $25. The Amazon

explains why Blackjack Attack is the most essential

The best blackjack literature since Beat the Dealer by Ed Thorp.

is extremely high praise considering that Beat the Dealer is

The origin of this card tallying commotion in the first place.

Amazon customers have intriguing things to say about the

a book is also included. One customer ranked Schlesinger number one in the globe

He went on in his review to compare baccarat to other games.

Comparing Blackjack Attack to other blackjack literature such as

The Best Blackjack Book in the World, Beat the Dealer

The Theory of Blackjack and Burning the Blackjack Tables

Vegas, and he concluded that Blackjack Attack is a classic.

the finest among the group.

Blackjack Attack is centered on addressing the

frequently asked mathematical queries about baccarat by his readers

ask. These primarily relate to the aforementioned topics — risk

analysis, team play, optimal wager allocation, etc. Providing a response

concerns is what inspired Schlesinger to begin writing about

The game of blackjack. According to a Ready Bet Go interview,

He began by responding to each letter individually. This occurred before

Internet, so all correspondence was written on paper.

This prompted him to write the regular column “The Gospel According to”

for Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum. Those who

Eventually, columns were added to Blackjack Attack.






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